Saturday, January 29, 2011

Helloooooo, afew days after my New Year's Bangkok trip,
took the coach up to Genting, Malaysia for my company D&D!

Can you imagine our D&D is like 4D3N? In Genting?!
Omg, pretty much bore my ass off during those few days..
The coach ride there is pretty damn unbearable, 6-7 hours goodness.
We departed at around 8am and only reach there at 3-4pm.

Thank god for my Amazon Kindle that kept me entertained for most of the journey,
and the fact that i purposely slept for a miserable 4 hours the previous night so i can get conked out during the journey to genting so it doesn't feel so painfully long!

Here's Melle, who's my "neighbour" in the office and who was gonna be my roomie
for the next 4 days!


Yep, we were staying at First World Hotel, while we were walking through the corridors to get to our room, i was telling Melle that hopefully we won't get a corner room, because they said corner rooms are always haunted and shit?!
And First World Hotel? Definitely heard lots of scary stories about that hotel..

And as we walked down the corridor and .. guess what?

We got a freaking corner room.
I was looking at melle with the WTF face and cursing under my breath. LOL.

It's always like that! don't want then will get it, want then won't get it. !@#$%

Oh wells, turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Our room is like much much much more spacious than any other rooms my other colleagues got! Much more spacious!
And super cold even when we close the windows and shut the curtains,
the rooms our colleagues got are like in the middle so it's REALLY stuffy
and even a little smelly-ish!

Other than the stupid toilet bowl that wouldn't quit flushing no matter what we do,
or scaring me half to death in the middle of the night when it suddenly overflow and because it sounded like somebody turned on the shower? Lucky for me Melle is really not afraid of such things.. so it was pretty ok.

My previous trip to genting with my ex-colleagues in July it was like,
just a wee bit cold.
But this time it was actually pretty shiok, like average of 13degrees at night!
See, it's so cold it's mad cloudy/misty, it's like that even in the day~



With afew of my colleagues..


Muahaha, then next day after a whole day of awards presentation, we went for AH YI BAO YU for dinner!


Picnik collage

mmmm, i want the herbal jelly again, with a whole jar of honey!

Went for breakfast at this dimsum place, it was OK.. not fantastic..
again the food in genting is all just sub standard.. maybe except for the Baskin Robbin's ice cream? i had Red Velvet ice cream and it was super yummy!


Picnik collage

Lol, my roomie is super FUNNY and RANDOM LA!
We were camwhoring and suddenly she said,
"let's take a photo that looks like we're so full we're gonna PUKE!!!!"

Lol wtf? who thinks of funny things like this!




Anywaaaaaaays, after that we went back to our room and nua/talk rubbish then we parted ways to go get our makeup done for our D&D. Lol our D&D is 4pm all the way to 12 midnight. Shagged.


This is my makeup and hair after the MUA/Stylist is done with me..
Honestly don't think it's very nice leh, i also can do the same myself!

This is how the top part of my D&D dress looks like:


It's from Morgan & Co, a US designer..
Got it from Ebay and it didn't cost me too much! (:

And how the back of the dress looks...


Camwhore photos!


With Clarice from Finance!


Angie from Marcom like me!

Muahaha, luckily for me, i could do my hair up and style because i have a dance performance later that night, but for the rest they had to go with a green hair style + some peacock feather updo..


Anyway, on my previous post i mentioned that i did extensions because i had a dance performance for D&D right? We're dancing Don't Cha/When I Grow Up by Pussycat dolls.

Really glad that it's over because for the previous month we've been having dance practice almost everynight just for this, especially i'm like the kind who has problems co-ordinating my hands and legs lol, a dance performance is like the biggest nightmare!

Anyway, we had to leave the D&D to go back to the room to change to our dance outfit:


From Left to Right:
Li Sin, Lee Ling, Angie, Yours truly, Kelly & Clarice.




So shy! had to perform in front of 1600 people the people from my department are so super supportive! lol, even the pregnant ladies also whistling and cheering to no end!

Anyway, changed back to our D&D dresses and back to the dinner..


LOL! everyone from the marcom/projects department had the green hair thing, even for the guys.. again.. lucky me!


My marcom GM..


With shirvon from Projects..

And my marcom manager..





Group shoot for HQ Marcom department- Singapore & Malaysia!






Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Advertorial: J'adore Vogue

Monday, January 24, 2011

I recently got these two items from J'adore Vogue..
Remember the post i wrote about what i like to see my guy wearing:

J'adore Vogue is the sister brand of The Simple Men,
i like how their style is very simple and wearable and on top of all, really comfy!

First item i got is this Double Breasted Button Front Dress in Khakis:



Will probably pair it with a pair of sheer stockings to wear it to the office! (:

And then the lace cotton top from J'adore Vogue, paired with pants bought in bkk, necklace from F21:



You know how some lace are kinda scratchy
and it makes you feel itchy all over when you wear it?

This is super comfy, i paired this pretty lace top with jeggings (which are also bought in bkk!) to Helipad with some of my friends last friday!


Dan, Trixy & Gerry


Steve and me in the pretty lace J'adore Vogue top! :D

He works in a hospital and i kept bugging him to tell me all the most disgusting and gory things that he has ever encountered while working. Lol

Fun night lancing lancing with them!


Quick order to get it in time for CNY!
Quote "Fidelis" when ordering and get 10% off every $50 purchase.

Like J'adore Vogue on fb to get regular updates on new arrivals!

Advertorial: Milly's hair extensions

Monday, January 17, 2011

I've been having short hair for the past 4.. coming 5 years and i never had the intention of keeping it long, reason being the last time i had long hair,
it made me look so old, it's terrible la!

So exactly what made me decide to get extensions?

Firstly it was because i was involved in a dance performance for our D&D in Genting, and they wanted us all to get extensions because apparently only long hair = sexy.

Then i thought oh wells, why not! At most if i don't like it I'll just get it removed right?
Everyone needs a little change here and there once in a while..

So i went to Milly's and did my hair extensions, and had waist length hair for the first time in my life! (my hair at it's longest was only till my boobs)


This was like 1 day after i did the extensions before my driving lesson.


Afew days after i did the extensions.. when i was in Bangkok for the New Year's,
had the ends slightly curled with a straightener and headband is from .


In Bangkok on our way to Platinum Mall for some SERIOUS RETAIL THERAPY!

Milly's hair stylist is SO damn good, he just took a glance at my hair color,
never even try to "inspect" the color closely etc, and he dyed the extensions to the exact, exact color match to my real hair.

And even now where my real hair has faded to a red-brown,
my extensions has also faded to the very same color so it doesn't look obvious that it's extensions or anything, which is freaking amazing la!

All in all i had 200 strands of extensions braided to my hair,
i'm sure there'll be lots of questions regarding the hair care part for the extensions
so just let me do a mini Q&A here:

Synthetic hair like hair wigs or what?
A: Nope they are 100% real human hair, so you can dye it, style it however you like it.
Of cos you have to use conditioner/hair serum/hair mask if you wanna do alot of heated hair styling like straightening and curling la. If not the hair might have split ends!

Is it very uncomfy having the extensions braided to your real hair?
A:If you're using the braided method then NO, it's not uncomfy.

Can I dye the extensions to the colour of my own hair if i don't like the original colour?
A: Yes, that's exactly what i did and the results was pretty amazing!

How do i wash and care for my hair?
A: I just scrub and rub as per normal like how i would wash my hair usually, it's very important to have a healthy scalp, so wash and condition your hair as per normal! Don't be afraid to wash it, they won't fall off unless you're super super rough. (:

Can i style my hair?
A: Yes you definitely can! Ive tried curls, loose curls, wearing it straight etc.

How come does the extension last?
A: They can last 3-6 months, but if you want it to look smooth and pretty of course you have to apply hair serum.. do hair mask etc to nourish the hair (esp if you straighten/curl it often)!


loose curls for D&D in Genting!


Loose messy curls for dance performance for D&D.


End of the night of company D&D


Normal straight unstyled hair,
The knitted pullover top is lovingly sponsored by:

TBS 500px

Super comfy! Singapore is raining all the time these few weeks so it's perfect to own one of these now, but here in Singapore i'd pair it with a light pair of jeans and a tank/tube top!



Miss fat cheeks!

Like what Milly's did for my hair transformation?


They are having a promotion of 100 Strands free 100 strands!
So you can look like how i do even if you only have a budget of $100, perfect for Chinese New Year!

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137

Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
Tel: 63384137